Hôtel Le Rempart - Tournus
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Discover Burgundy

A trip to enjoy both nature and culture

During your holiday at our hotel in Burgundy, take the time to enjoy the wonderful natural areas tucked away in our beautiful region. Discover the beautiful countryside around Tournus with river cruises on the Saône or the Seille, one of France's most beautiful navigable rivers.

While you're visiting Burgundy, be sure to visit the Abbey of Cluny. Founded over 1100 years ago by William of Aquitaine, it was the seat of the biggest Medieval religious order and was Europe's largest religious building for over 5 centuries, until it was surpassed by Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Cluny, which is officially listed as a historic monument, is partially preserved, and enough of it remains for visitors to be to imagine the size of this spiritual centre at its apogee. Today, you can still see the southern part of the great transept, the convent buildings, the flour store, and the outer wall and its towers.

To continue your cultural adventures with another journey back in time, take the Romanesque Trail. Under the influence of Cluny, Southern Burgundy became a centre of Romanesque art. After visiting the key sites in Tournus (Saint-Philibert Abbey, Sainte-Madeleine Church, Saint-Laurent Chapel), head to Villars to visit the church of Sainte-Madeleine, which has two parallel naves separated by a wall, one for the nuns and the other for parishioners. In nearby Uchizy, Saint-Pierre Church has a unique and imposing bell tower with a pyramid-shaped roof. And there are plenty of other Romanesque sites worth a visit near Tournus, including Sainte-Madeleine Church in Farges-les-Mâcon, Saint-Gervais and Saint-Prothais Church in Ozenay and the Notre-Dame Church in La Chapelle-sous-Brancion.

La Truchère-Ratenelle Nature Reserve

Explore a natural area

To the south-east of Tournus, the La Truchère-Ratenelle National Nature Reserve invites you to discover the unique flora and fauna of its aeolian sand dunes, peatlands, and pond. Over 150 species of birds have found a refuge on the reserve, including reed warblers, woodcocks, and black woodpeckers. The Reserve is also home to protected plants, including sundews, Gratiola officinalis, and Hottonia palustris.