General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale


The customer's signature on the booking confirmation means that the customer unreservedly agrees to the present general terms and conditions of sale and to the attached quotation.

The present GCS will take effect from the date of signature of the contract/quote and automatically terminate on the last date of fulfilment of the obligations provided for in the quote. 



All reservations will be confirmed as soon as the hotel receives proof of receipt of the following items : 

  • Quotation and GTC duly dated, signed and marked "Good for agreement" followed by the company stamp.
  • Payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount including tax.



Balance payment: Balance payment will be made at the latest upon receipt of the invoice. If not, the hotel reserves the right to apply late payment penalties at the rate of one and a half times the legal interest rate, calculated pro rata temporis on the amount of the invoice including tax.

Extras: All extras (drinks, etc..) can be paid on the spot by each participant before their departure. In default of payment by the participants, these amounts will be charged directly to the main invoice of the seminar/stay.   



Prices indicated are firm for 30 days from the date of our quotation. After this period, they may be modified, the applicable rates being those in force on the day of the meeting.  



The number of services (rooms and cutlery) to be served must be confirmed no later than 7 working days before the date of the event. This number will be used as the basis for invoicing.  

After this period, services ordered but not consumed will be invoiced.  

In case of total privacy of our restaurant, if the number of seats is reduced, the minimum billing basis will be 80 seats.

The Management may cancel the reservation if events of major force or fortuitous events require it to do so (strike, fire, water damage, etc.).



Any cancellation (partial or total) will require a written trace on the part of the customer to be taken into account.  


It is considered as a total cancellation:  

  • Changing the date of the event and/or no-payment deposit within the contractual deadlines.
  • Cancellation of more than 50% of the number of rooms/night, number of participants/day, and/or the total amount of the quotation

The following shall be considered as partial annulment:

  • Reduction of the event period
  • A reduction of less than 50% in the number of rooms/nights, the number of participants/day, and/or the total amount of the quote  


Cancellation charges incurred are as follows:   

  • Up to 30 days prior to arrival date :  
    • Partial : No cancellation fee.  
    • Total : the deposit(s) will be retained.  
  • Between 29 and 8 days before the date of arrival :  
    • Partial : the cancelled services will be charged at 30%.  
    • Total : 50% of the booked services will be invoiced.  
  • Less than 8 days before the arrival date :  
    • Partial : 80% of the cancelled services will be invoiced.  
    • Total and "no show" (cancellation without notice and/or no show on the date scheduled for the beginning of the service): 100% of the services booked will be invoiced.  



If the Hotel is unavailable, in the event of major force, a technical problem in the Hotel, work or for any other reason, the Hotel will make is best attempt to make the Participants accommodated in total or in part in a Hotel of an equivalent category, with all the costs inherent in the transfer remaining the responsibility of the Hotel (except in the event of major force), which may not be sought in payment of any additional compensation.



The establishment declines all responsibility for any kind of damage, and particularly fire and/or theft, that may affect the objects or equipment brought by the client during the event.  



Any disagreement which could not be settled by mutual agreement between the parts will be of the only authority of the court of Mâcon.